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For Marginalia:

"The Once and Future Mainline College": review of Robert Benne's Keeping the Soul in Christian Higher Education

For The Hedgehog Review:

"The Jack That Won't Stay in the Box": review of Sarah Ruth Hammond's God's Businessmen: Entrepreneurial Evangelicals in Depression and War.

For Newsday:

"Bart D. Ehrman's book charts the rise of a world religion": review of Ehrman's The Triumph of Christianity

For The Point:

"The Picture in Her Mind": Joan Didion on political storytelling

"Articles of Faith": American civil religion and its critics

"The Wildness of Things": Marilynne Robinson and liberal Christianity

For The Guardian:
"The War with No End" Military shows on network TV

"Where have all the Cowboys Gone?" California country music, past and present

For Kirkus:

Review: The Concrete by Daniel Abbott

Review: The Iconoclast's Journal by Terry Griggs

Review: Through the Bookstore Window by Bill Petrocelli

Review: Vengence by Zachary Lazar

Review: They Know Not What They Do by Jussi Valtonen

Review: Trespass by Anthony J. Quinn

For The Los Angeles Review of Books

"Mystery on (and off) Television": review of the French TV show "The Returned"

For the Journal of Scriptural Reasoning

"The Trouble with Translation": translating religious terms into secular language

For The Other Journal

"A New Creation": the Book of Common Prayer